The Rugged Beauty of Steamboat in the Winter

When most people think of Steamboat wedding photography they think of a rich green forests, vibrant wildflowers and warm sunset filled skies. It's no wonder that most weddings here are scheduled for the summer. The yampa valley is nothing short of paradise during the warm months. Ask any long time local and they will tell you the same thing; "I came here for the winter but stayed for the summer!"

Occasionally though, a special couple will embrace the harsh elegance of winter this area has to offer. Often seen as a cold and dreary time, winter here offers a unique beauty that few other places can offer. With a simple change in perspective, a photographer finds themselves in an environment full of excellent opportunity. The blanket of untouched snow bounces light like a dream, the often clouded skies provide a creamy diffused light source and the icy rural landscape is full of brilliant contrast and drama.

I had the opportunity to photograph this snowmobile driven adventure elopement in January and I'm so glad I did. It was a fun-filled intimate experience with unique challenges to overcome as a photographer. With temperatures in the teens and snow lightly falling all day I had to make sure that my hands and my camera were warm enough to capture as many moments as possible.